Hey There!
I'm Taylor Jasko.

Developer. Designer. Server guy. Security buff.
Car freak. Proud VW GTI driver. Engineer @ MaxCDN.

What I do

I am a hard-core programmer (web, application, and scripting), avid blogger, huge graphic designer, tech enthusiast, web performance guru, and much more!
I have listed out three main facts about me below.


I can spot even the tiniest out-of-place pixel on the screen. I strive for perfect, precise work and can easily match my designs to the final product.


I’m the type of person who replies to messages within minutes. My work is very well organized, and I meet deadlines no matter the circumstances.


I love technology and am proud of it! Feel free to throw über technical terms at me if you are so inclined; if not, I am always willing to speak on your level.

Blog Posts

Stalk me on social media! Any other way would just be creepy…