Hey There!
I'm Taylor Jasko.

Developer, VW/Audi enthusiast & dog lover
Senior Software Engineer @ Kong.

Who I am

I'm a full stack developer with years of professional experience, performance guru, Linux geek, and former graphic designer. In my free time, I love to tinker with my fast cars (I live & breath the automotive world) and simply enjoy life with my dogs.


I strive for perfect, precise work and can spot the smallest of mistakes during code review. I'll always take the time to ensure I understand the problem at play.


I’m the type of person who replies to messages within minutes. My work is very well organized, and I meet deadlines no matter the circumstances.


I love technology and am proud of it! Feel free to throw über technical terms at me if you are so inclined; if not, I am always willing to speak in layman terms.

Blog Posts

Stalk me on social media! Any other way would just be creepy…