Jan 01, 2009

2008 has passed and here comes 2009

Calendar New YearAs you already know, no matter where you are living in, it is 2009. Another year has passed, and we all want to hear your personal accomplishments!

For me, I'll honestly say the 2008 was a very rough year; for many reasons also. But here's what I've gotten done in 2008:

1) Because I am a webmaster at eSoft Interactive, I manage most of the web-based problems... And one thing I still cannot believe I've done is that I did a full restore to another server (a new hosting company). You might be surprised, but when you set up a website, it's very hard to get the same exact thing on another server (because we have a thing called databases now). This was about a 1-2 week process, and I had to deal with lots and lots of errors. But I did it, and I am very proud for what I've done.

2) Recreating TJasko.com. Now this website is pretty much no longer used. TJasko.com was the basis of my web programming. I was able to get started creating real websites with this very website. But I can honestly say, if it weren’t for Erick Garayblas, I wouldn't be as smart as I am today in web-based programming. He gave me a real server to work on (eSoft Interactive), and I was able to help him out and learn how to create websites all at the same time! With that experience, I was able to create this website you see here today!

3) Creating Tech Cores. Now this was all a one man job! No one helped me with this. I graphically designed in Photoshop some of the graphics you see, like the Tech Cores background(s). (I have a section on that in the downloads section of the website). I've set up this website, I even typed out most of the text you see on this website (not really the admin controls though). This was done by one person, and I am proud of myself of doing this. I'm also very thankful to all of my friends and family who told me to do said action to make the site even better! You all rock guys; you give great ideas!

4) Developing People in a Box 3.0. Now Although I still have to remake this program (been way to busy on Tech Cores and other things), it was a blast creating it. Now I realize that it's not functioning properly right now because of Flash Player, but I think I found a fix. But I know a lot of my friends love the program, and I would love to see improvement in the future. The reason why I didn't release a newer version is that I'm trying to find a way to allow users to add in their own users to the program... You would probably rather want a program with more features, than a program with a different user interface...;)

5) For all the YouTube videos I've done this year. I've have gotten great feedback from a lot of my viewers, and they do seem to find my videos helpful. :)

6) Mastering the UNIX kernel. Now this might sound funny, but there are so many commands in any UNIX operating system, that it takes a while to understand all of it. I'm lucky that I can control a computer (pretty much) all in just a simple terminal in a Unix-based operating system. If you know the commands very well, it's much easier for you to do things in Linux. Now in Mac OS X, it's really not needed. But in Linux, it is needed quite often (that is if you like messing around with your operating system: D).

  1. Meeting new people. Seriously, I love to be socially interactive with a lot of people. I love to meet all new kinds of people. From all this YouTubing I've been doing and even for this website, I'm able to talk to our community, and have a great time with them. I've made a lot of good friends through YouTube and Tech Cores, and I hope to see more!

8) Buying a brand new laptop. Now this might sound funny, but laptops are not cheap! It took me a while to actually get a laptop I can develop off of. Before I had this laptop (you can see it in my YouTube videos), I was using an old Pentium III (1GHz) Dell Latitude C610. I've gotten a lot done with that machine, and maybe soon it'll find a new owner for someone to use again.

9) Now this is not really an accomplishment... But I'll tell you anyways. Throughout this whole year, I switched from Windows to Linux over 30 times. I really need to find an operating system that fits me best, and ironically, I think Mac OS X is that operating system. I still have to get my hands on a MacBook, but when I do, I'm sure I'll love it. I say this because Linux doesn’t have that much compatibility (and no I do not want to use a virtual machine) with my Windows applications. But with Mac OS X, there is either that application works on it natively or I can find an exact alternative.

10) Getting my Dell Axim X51v (my PDA) upgraded to 128mb of RAM (128mb of RAM is a lot for a PDA). Now you can Google this, and you'll find that this upgrade is not cheap (~$170). I've saved up my money, and I bought this upgrade with nothing but my bare cash I had! I am very proud that I did this. My PDA had 64mb of RAM, and I just could not even run my GPS application(s) (I do use my PDA for a GPS). It didn't have enough RAM for it. So I am proud I took this upgrade, and I even got the money to do it. My PDA is a lot faster because of it.

I think that sums up most of my accomplishments. Now some of them I didn't say, because for obvious reasons. ;)

What are your accomplishments? Leave a comment so we all can here yours (It doesn't have to be as long as mine).

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