Apr 01, 2011

Apple Drops iPod Prices in Australia

It's no case that Apple usually charges more for their products outside the United States. It makes sense, but with currency being something changing all of the time, we sometimes find Apple products in other countries than the US being reduced. With the Australian dollar coming closer to our currency with only four cents off, Apple decided to lower prices quite a bit in their iPod line. I'm assuming Apple picked the iPod line because they sell quite a bit of devices; I'm quite sure an iPod is more common than a Mac.

  • Anyways, the iPod shuffle was reduced just $4, from $69 to $65.
  • On the other hand, the iPod nano was decreased from $199 to $179, $20 savings! Spend it on some ice cream and maybe a hair cut for one day.
  • The iPod classic, being the one the most reduced product, has $30 taken off it's rather hefty price from $329 to $299.
  • And one of the most popular iPods, the iPod touch, was taken off $30 just like the iPod classic from $289 to $259.

As people are always buying new iPods after every September refresh, I'm sure more iPods in Australia will be sold this year because of the lowered prices.

Now if Apple can just lower the prices of their MacBooks, I'd be happy!

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