Oct 12, 2010

AT&T Are Stealing Our Money

Recently, my father, who all of my family phones are registered under, has been having some extreme issues with AT&T which we could report to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for their idiotic actions.

My father pays a good chunk of money for all of the phones on our bill. He pays so much money, that it's making him want to switch to Verizon or Sprint every day; it's getting so out of hand that he's so mad at the way AT&T's customer support has been treating him.

We pay for unlimited texting on all of our phones. With that unlimited texting, we're allowed unlimited MMS and SMS at no cost to us but the unlimited rate you pay. You think AT&T enforces that? Heck no!

Every month, if we send some MMS message (which I do often) using the data connection, AT&T bills my father $2 for every megabyte we use. So if I send a good chunk of images (probably around 10 or so), AT&T would bill us around $4. Does that sound right from what we're paying for the unlimited texting on our bill? Of course not!

When they say we should get MMS and SMS for free with only a fee for the unlimited texting, we shouldn't be charged any extra money!

Because of that, my father has been calling up AT&T for the past months telling them to revoke the fee. Up until recently, they have kindly revoked the fee. Today, my father has called up AT&T to revoke that fee once again, and they refused. My father was transferred even over to a manager and the only thing they could do was laugh at him while AT&T are stealing our money!

I don't appreciate this one bit being the person I am with social media. I talk to so many support representatives that if they're not giving you what they say they're giving you, you need to step up to the plate; that's exactly what I'm doing to save my father a good extra chunk of money.

Then the support representative recommended that she would block us from data (including MMS) altogether! Seriously AT&T! You want to take our money for a mess up on your part with the system? You know what, I will not let that happen to my father; he works way too hard for his money and for AT&T to take away the services we're supposed to be getting is inhumane and not following basic human morals, or even company morals in that regard.

This message has been sent over to AT&T's customer care Twitter account, @ATTCUSTOMERCARE, in hopes of them reclaiming my father's hard earned money and putting an end to this ridiculous charges that shouldn't even be there in the first place.

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