Oct 25, 2010

Don't Use Public WiFi - Firesheep Makes Session Hijacking Easier

A recent exploit for Firefox, entitled Firesheep, was released not so long ago and it seems the whole Twitterverse are tweeting about it.

I'm not the one to use these exploits because to be perfectly honest, I know they're there. Cookies, you know, those text files stored on your computer that expire from time to time, have been tossed around unsecured for ages. Websites that utilize HTTPS, or a secured (SSL) HTTP protocol, are not affected with this exploit, but major websites like Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube will be affected because they're not secured.

Whether this exploit will be taken advantage of, I'm sure more and more developers will want to secure their website somehow, most moving to the secured side of things.

I'm wanting to know how this will turn out. I know cookies have been unsecured for ages, this is nothing new, but what is new is that someone has released an easy-to-use add-on for Firefox that takes that gruesome  task away that typical hackers use and makes it extremely easy. We all use public WiFi nowadays, so this is going to be huge especially at college and the public libraries.

Websites like Facebook decline the HTTPS protocol, just like this site in fact, but in the coming weeks, I'm betting we might see that change for this new revolution of data privacy.

On a side note, is storing information on the cloud a good idea now and are you even supportive of it? With this new exploit, people may be going back to the old way of doing things locally on their own computer.

If you really want to take a look at Firesheep, which we will not take any responsibility if you make a huge mistake, you may do so at the below link:

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