Apr 02, 2011

eBay Releases iPad 2 Sales

eBay has just released their numbers of how many iPad 2 units have been sold so far. As these are not official numbers coming from Apple, I wouldn't entirely look on these numbers to reflect how things are going in terms of iPad 2 sales. These numbers above explain the first two weeks of the iPad 2 being sold.

Anyways, this chat eBay provided us (above) is very interesting. Apparently 65% of the iPad 2's sold were domestically compared to the 35% were had rom iPad 1 sales last year. As it seems to be, more and more people in other countries really want the iPad 2. Just like last year's release, so many countries did not have the iPad until months after. For many people in the Asian countries (and Indian countries too), I know quite a few people who ordered iPads from Great Britain. As it typically takes Apple a while to be shipping iPads to other countries than the US, many people decide to buy from eBay, even though the price is much above retail price.

Speaking about retail prices, take a look at the chart above. The iPad 2 16GB is around $198 above retail and the highest-end model iPad is $406 above retail! The funny thing is, people can get away with these crazy prices because for one... Apple fans are crazy... Apple fans want the newest iProducts, and Apple fans will do nearly anything to get the newest and greatest products.

Even when comparing these results from last year's results, it seems to be that there's more demand for the iPad this year. And what's surprising, that the number one iPad sold is the 16GB Wi-Fi only model, but the surprising part about this is that in second is the highest end model. This just proves that Apple users have money in some way or another.

If you want to see the stats for last year's iPad sales, you may do so by clicking here!

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