Sep 24, 2011

Facebook F8: New Timeline Feature and How to Activate it!

During Facebook's F8 speech on September 22 in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new Facebook feature, the Timeline. Mark stated that the timeline will basically be a part of all 800 million user's life scrapbooking their content throughout the day they were born and the current day.

Mark also stated what he thinks of the Timeline:

We wanted to make Timeline a place that you could feel proud to call your home. -Mark Zuckerberg

Not only did Mark address the new features, but F8 was also for the web-developers out there. During the conference, Mark mentioned of some of your favorite applications and services like Nike+ that will connect into the Timeline using their next version of Open Graph.

We're going to connect all of those different graphs together to form the Open Graph, and when we connect all of those graphs together, the Web is going to get a whole lot better. -Mark Zuckerberg


Now I know what you're thinking, how do I get it before release? Well, it's very simple! Just do the following to make yourself a developer on Facebook and activate the new Timeline feature. Please note though, only developers will be able to see your new Timeline once you make it live.

  • Enable developer mode. To do this, search for "developer" in the Facebook search box at the top, click the first result, and add the app into your account.
  • Go to the app if you aren't there. To get there, just go to the following line:
  • Create a new application. No, you really won't be using this nor will anyone else will see it. Just fill out the app name, display name, and namespace that works for you. I probably wouldn't write anything bad in there though...
  • Do the legal stuff! Go ahead and agree to the Platform Privacy agreement to get your app verified by Facebook.
  • Visit the apps settings page. Your app's name should be near the top of the page.
  • Enable Open Graph. Look for the Open Graph header and click on the "Get Started using open graph" text.
  • Create the action and object. I'd just go for "play" a "game" or something like that...
  • Save it out. You're almost there! Just go ahead and save the object.
  • Wait about 2-3 minutes. Now you simply need to wait for Facebook to recognize your account as an Open Graph developer...
  • Click on your invite! You'll see an invite on the main Facebook homepage (all of your walls of your friends...). Don't be shy, accept it!
And you're done activating the Timeline feature! Have fun and of course, feel free to customize it (like adding a cover) as you see fit! What do you think about this new Facebook feature? Will it actually help users learn more about you in a "timely" fashion?

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