Jun 20, 2012

Go check out Streetfood Tycoon! - An Addicting FREE Tycoon Game for iOS!

Remember back in the day when Lemonade Tycoon was popular? This was easily around ten years ago, however, these games were highly addicting. We've seen all kind of simulation games for iOS in the past few years, but not anything too unique... this is where Streetfood Tycoon by Kuyi Mobile comes in and makes simulation games fun again.

Streetfood Tycoon is exactly what you think it is, a tycoon game with the overall objective of selling streetfood; sounds boring? It isn't at all! I was addicted to it for all too long. :P


In-Game Play

Streetfood Tycoon takes a very interesting interface compared to other tycoon-based games. You still have the normal coin system with how you upgrade to certain levels of the game, however, unlike many games where you just "watch over" everyone and manage the simulation, you are actually playing it.

The entire concept is to prepare food for your customers. As the game progresses, it is becomes quite hard as there are time limits. Keeping your food stand clean, serving every individual customer, at a fast pace is not as easy as it may seem; leaving Streetfood Tycoon one of the more addicting games I have played on iOS.

The music in the background is unique, simple tune for a tycoon game. Kuyi Mobile will be adding support to play your own music in the background as well in the coming release!


Game Interface

Out of the game the entire interface is very classic and streamlined. You have simply three screens, giving you things to look up to, your current stats, along with an overview of your gameplay.

As this is a tycoon game, Streetfood Tycoon is also based around the coin idea; every customer you successfully sell to, your coin net-worth will increase, allowing you to buy in-game upgrades. All of the interactivity is very streamlined and it's a tycoon game you just won't want to put down.


Best of yet...

It is FREE! Of course, like all free games, they need to have some simple advertisements, but they are not bothersome once you are within the game. I would say it is one of the better implementations of ads I've seen in a tycoon game so far!

We'd like to hear what you think of  Streetfood Tycoon!


If you are interested in Streetfood Tycoon, check out the link below:

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