Sep 30, 2010

Hey MaxCDN, You Made Our Site Even Faster!

Recently we've been making so many changes to Tech Cores where we are upgrading to our own VPS, tweaking our own internal settings for optimal performance, and lots of other things that most users like yourself find rather hard to do. But there's that one thing that everyone can easily do, use MaxCDN! We just recently partnered up with MaxCDN; and basically that means in layman terms, maximum performance times a hundred!

MaxCDN is a content delivery network (CDN), which in other words, is a network of many servers throughout the world that work upon one goal... serving your content in the fastest means possible. Basically how CDNs work are basically they download the content on your site, cache the data across their network of servers, and when you may visit a website taking advantage of a service like MaxCDN, it directs you to the closest MaxCDN data center, which in the long run, means faster download speeds. For a blog that just ever so happens to be heavy on images, CDN services help more than you can ever think of!

One other benefit that MaxCDN, or any other CDN service for that matter, is that because Google, and possibly some other search engines out there, rank your website upon its speed. In fact, that's the easiest way to have your listings in Google become higher in rank. No more of dealing with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), just make your website faster and you'll get higher in rank that easily!

MaxCDN helped us so much, that now the only thing that our server needs to serve out to our viewers would simply be the code and the text! MaxCDN has really sped up our blog so much, that now Tech Cores is loading faster than it ever did before!

Now we'll cover this in our full in-depth review of MaxCDN, but it was so easy to set up, anyone (were you really expecting "a caveman" there? You know people copyright those things, ey?) can do it!

As for now, enjoy the new speed of Tech Cores and a full review of MaxCDN's awesome service will come soon!

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