Mar 30, 2011

HP's webOS 3.0 SDK Now Available

Ever since the day webOS was introduced in 2009, many have fancied the webOS operating system because quite simply, it's revolutionary. People say webOS is better than iOS; I'm personally one who seconds that statement. With webOS's amazing multitasking features, I've heard of numerous cases of people switching to the webOS operating system and never going back to iOS or even Android. In any case, once you use a webOS device, you'll see why.

As you may have known, webOS 3.0 is exclusively for the TouchPad, HP's amazing tablet computer. Just today, HP has released the webOS 3.0 SDK (software development kit) to the ones in the early access program. This is some great news for all of the webOS developers or even developers looking to become one of the webOS developers.

With webOS being extremely easy to create a variety of applications for using HP's plugin development kit (PDK), I'm sure more developers will want to create applications for the TouchPad. As the TouchPad will be released in the summer, this gives developers quite a while to mess around with webOS 3.0.

As for me, I cannot wait to get my hands on the TouchPad and use webOS 3.0 on it! webOS has been changing ever since the day it was introduced and with that said, I'm sure the webOS 3.0 experience on the TouchPad will be amazing.

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