Aug 15, 2011

HTC Now Allowing Official Unlocks

Now that jailbreaking, or the unlocking of devices for custom software, is now one-hundred percent legal in the US, we haven't seen too many phone manufactures do anything about this change just yet... except until now.

HTC has been known for their customizable phones. You can run many operating systems on a good number of their phones (seriously, just check out XDA-Developopers), and with all of these modifications, we haven't seen HTC take any offense for any of this software modification, unlike other companies.

HTC has now official released full documentation on how to unlock for their 2011 model of phones and on. HTC has always been very kind to its developers; they just let practically anyone do whatever, but now that HTC has released the potential to do whatever you want with your phone, the possibilities are endless.

Sure, most consumer-end users won't need to unlock an Android device as they're already very free to begin with, but now that HTC is officially allowing it, I would love to see what some of the brillant developers are going to come up with now. Sure, there's always those security issues when unlocking your mobile devices, but if you're going to be unlocking your bootloader on your device, you're probably already knowledgeable about those risks.

Anyways, what do you think about HTC finally allowing an official unlock of their bootloader? I can't wait to see what will come in the future. I'm sure this is going to push some developers for further on expansion of HTC's amazing devices. Sure, there might only be one phone supported (HTC Sensation (EU)FOTA 1.45.401.2) but HTC says the EVO 3D on Spring and the Sensation 4G on T-Mobile will be soon.

Question is, what will AT&T think about this major change? Please leave your comments below on this major change in the mobile industry! HTC is one huge company; it's great to see them finally taking the stage for once.

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