Jun 20, 2012

Microsoft Surface Released - Running on Windows 8!

Microsoft tablet announced

Microsoft obviously loves the box-type UI for all of their devices. Windows 8 is getting it, Windows Phone 7 was the first device with it, and now, Microsoft is putting it on a tablet-like computer, the new Microsoft Surface.

As Microsoft started quite late during their press release, they were most likely rushed to speak about the device. Although ironically, Steve Ballmer was not jumping all up and down acting like his typical self this time… Microsoft must be very serious about this device.

Anyways, the new Microsoft Surface (which ironically was one big device way back in the Vista days -- if any of you remember that one), is a tablet computer that even weighs less than the alleged iPad! Call that impressive for Microsoft.

We all know that the Zune was a complete failure, but I honestly thing Microsoft has a chance with this device. Every day computer usage is decreasing as we are all on our mobile phones, iPads, PlayBooks, etc. It's about time for Microsoft to get into the niche.

There have not been too many details on it, but we do know the Surface will be just under 1.3lb, Nvidia ARM-based CPU, 9.3mm thick, and sporting an entire keyboard and trackpad (which actually looks like would be very comfortable).

What do you think of the new Microsoft Surface? We're not going to be able to hold one right now, I am anticipating this will be driven by tons of advertisements as the mobile industry is huge. It's running on Windows 8, which is okay to say the least, but I really hope they make the desktop and metro UI blend more together, as without it, this tablet is going to be a mess.

Check out their product link in the source below for more information!

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