May 23, 2012

Panic Announces Coda 2 - Releasing Tomorrow!

As much as me being a major Espresso fan, I purchased Coda a year ago as I needed a powerful web editor. However, after I discovered Espresso, I never opened Coda again as its features are extremely outdated compared to Espresso (although I will admit, Coda did have a built-in CSS editor way before Espresso ever did).

When I did purchase Coda back a year ago, Panic, the makers of Coda, were even speaking and teasing their upcoming release, Coda 2. And now, from what it seems to be an everlasting wait, Panic has announced Coda 2 to the public and is releasing May 24. Not only are they releasing shortly, they also will be giving a short $50 discount from the original $100 price tag for the first day.

Coda 2 is a huge upgrade. We want everyone to get it at a fair price. If you bought Coda 1 very recently (after April 10, 2012) directly from us, you are entitled to a free upgrade. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide us a way to give free upgrades to all customers who purchased Coda 1 from the Mac App Store recently. However: For the first 24 hours of sale ONLY, Coda 2 will be available at a 50% discount (USD $49) to EVERYONE -- new customers, existing customers, direct customers, and Mac App Store customers. After that, for a limited time, we will offer Coda 2 for USD $75 to EVERYONE -- new customers, existing customers, direct customers, and Mac App Store customers. This allows our Mac App Store customers to enjoy the same upgrade pricing as direct customers. After that, Coda's price will return to its regular pricing (USD $99) for new direct customers, and all Mac App Store customers. A USD $75 upgrade will continue to be offered for existing direct customers who purchased Coda 1.

If you are a Mac web developer, you might want to check out Coda 2 I will be personally purchasing it the first day to see how it stacks up with Espresso. With the built in MySQL editor and better code completion, there is a chance I will go back to using Coda.


Pull out your wallets and get ready for the Coda 2 release! More information can be found set the link below:

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