Aug 16, 2011

ScreenFlow v3.0 Review - Making Screen Recording Even Easier!

Way back in April of 2010, we published a text review of ScreenFlow v2 as we knew we just had to review one of the best screen recording software for the Mac. Now, a little more than a year after our initial review, Telestream has done it again with their latest ScreenFlow version, version three.

Now that ScreenFlow v3 has been out the public for around a week now, we just had to get out full review published as we at Tech Cores really appreciate ScreenFlow for all that it can do.

The last review we put out just wasn't enough because in a text review, we couldn't target all of the amazing features of ScreenFlow. Instead, we now present you with a feature-length (no kiddin'! :P) video review of ScreenFlow v3!

Anyways, we hope you'll enjoy our in-depth review of ScreenFlow! What do you think about ScreenFlow v3? Please leave your comments in the comment section below!

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