Dec 14, 2010

SimpleCDN in a Battle -- MaxCDN Offering Help!

Very recently, a company called SimpleCDN, who offers CDN services, has been having serious legal issues. Their provider, UK2 Group/Hosting Services, Inc., contacted them saying that they are not allowed to host any CDN services.

Along with that, it has been alleged that they were using UK2 Group/Hosting Services, Inc.'s 100TB deal from, who resells SoftLayer's services. The real issue is that SoftLayer/UK2 Group changed their terms without notifying SimpleCDN (or so we believe they did).

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is prohibited from running on our network. Special requests to run CDN services may be approved on a case by case basis. Failure to comply with this policy will result in the disabling of all hosting services. - 100TB ToS

SimpleCDN is working on a new lawsuit mainly because I bet they're still confused why they're being suspended.

Absolutely no notice or warning was given at all before the first communication received demanded an immediate shutdown of all services, due to a pending update to UK2's ToS... We have already started to take legal action against these organizations, however thus far we have not gotten either party to reconsider their position. As it stands now, certain SimpleCDN services will begin to fail within the next few days as additional services are terminated. -

The main thing the questions me is if expected someone to really use 100TB of bandwidth? Heck no! But when SimpleCDN starts to suck up all of that bandwidth, their host decided to suspend their account.

As of right now, no one know's who's right. Some people think they missed their notice and some other people think that they're shutting them down because SimpleCDN is a direct competitor of UK2 Group's/Hosting Services, Inc.'s CDN services. You might ask yourself, how does MaxCDN play a roll in this? Well, basically, they're offering SimpleCDN customers a discount on their services.

To immediately help SimpleCDN customers in any way we can, effective immediately we are offering SimpleCDN customers promotional pricing for transferring their sites to MaxCDN to prevent potentially devastating downtime. - David Henzel from MaxCDN

We love MaxCDN and we in fact reviewed their service. They're an awesome CDN and it's great to see that they're stepping in to help, but I can just think the guys over at SimpleCDN saying that they're doomed. And you know what, they probably are, but let's just see what will happen!

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