Dec 14, 2010

Tech Cores v2.0 - All New and Redesigned

Two months ago we had this idea of a new Tech Cores; the idea of a full head-on redesign. We took a stab at it on a piece of paper, designed it using industry standard tools, and developed it using too many tools to name.

We've worked our cyber minds off for nearly two months and with that, we were able to produce something unbelievable... Tech Cores v2.0. Quite honestly, none of us administrators saw a redesign coming this year. As my skills increase in web design and development, I become more adept to produce a rich, content-filled website with a slick design made from scratch.

One year ago we revamped Tech Cores from what we callled of it, Tech Cores v.5, to the whopping v1.0 release. We went from a horrible blogging platform, a free template which we downloaded from the internet, and a rather slow and glitchy website. That was a major leap for us.

But today, we've focused on one thing, and that one thing would be how we display our content to our readers with a total makeover. We added more glitter to our logo, we changed up the entire design of the site, and we even added some more social media features. Along with that, we made our about page more modern.

We feel that Tech Cores v2.0 is the best thing that ever happened to us. But like all great things, there's always more... we'll be giving our writers more custom tools to produce some great posts.

Enjoy Tech Cores v2.0! We worked hard on this new redesign and we hope you'll like it. We're always trying to improve our design, along with how our viewers use our design, every day. We hope more things will be coming so stay tuned!

If you have any questions regarding anything, please feel free to leave a comment on this post. As for now, peace out!

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