May 29, 2012

Tech Cores v3 Released - A new web experience!

For the past year, the team here at Tech Cores has been re-imagining the way we consume media. We have selected the people who we believe have helped us the most and would provide the best and most critical feedback.

Together we have rebuilt, from the ground up, the experience involved with online news consumption. Like before, Tech Cores is still based around WordPress but the front end is based around some of the most cutting edge technology available like HTML5 and CSS3. From top to bottom we have completely rethought the viewing experience and as aforementioned we would love for you to take a look.

If you are interested in getting a special glimpse at the future, feel free to contact us with the PR email below or check out our page on Tech Cores v3.


Contact: Brad Thompson ([email protected]) Cell Phone. (248)-956-0259 Email: [email protected]FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Just recently, Tech Cores, a technology news site, released a new site update named ‘Tech Cores V3.’ While the update adds some additional features, one of the biggest changes was the unique redesign of their site. The result: one of the first Wordpress web applications to be built. However, behind all of this lies a simple goal: to revolutionize the way people read and interact with content online.

The V3 team’s true inspiration behind the project resulted from the lack of user interaction and text clarity among blogs and content providers. These common flaws and discrepancies have resulted in site visitors developing the habit of skimming articles with little to no interaction within the site. This, combined with slow loading times for web pages, can make news reading a general habit, rather than an unique experience. Simply put, users wanted something new. Such an idea called for a complete renovation of the “old” news platform, entering into a new level of lucid yet unsurpassed design.

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