Dec 09, 2014

Quick Thoughts on Ghost - better than WordPress?

A year ago I ported my older blog,, to the Ghost blogging platform from WordPress. A couple weeks ago I combined my blog & portfolio together... all powered by Ghost, so I have had a quite some experience with…

Jan 14, 2014

2013 Volkswagen GTI Review - A fun driver, for an awesome price

After living in the amazing city of Los Angeles for quite some time,  I finally decided to take a big wad of cash and throw all of it towards a new car; that car ended up being the 2013 Volkswagen GTI…

Jan 14, 2013

Quick Review on the Google Nexus 4

I recently decided to purchase the LG Nexus 4 (if you're wondering, I picked up the 16GB version), and I have a bit of mixed results with the new Android and how the overall hardware worked with the software. The Good…

Jun 29, 2012

Characters Review - Symbols Finally a Cinch to Get

If you are any sort of designer or developer, you must know how hard it is to get the non-standard symbols out of your font table onto your designs or websites. There are plenty of HTML entities that you can Google…

Jun 20, 2012

Go check out Streetfood Tycoon! - An Addicting FREE Tycoon Game for iOS!

Remember back in the day when Lemonade Tycoon was popular? This was easily around ten years ago, however, these games were highly addicting. We've seen all kind of simulation games for iOS in the past few years, but not anything too…

May 08, 2012

Wacom Intuos5 Review - Multi-touch and More!

Wacom has done it again with the new release in their Intuos series, the Wacom Intuos5. Wacom is promising a productivity increase with the new multi-touch surface along with enhanced features; let us see how the new Intuos5 stacks up with…

Apr 05, 2012

Layer Cake Review - A Must for Developers and Designers

If you have ever used Photoshop and needed to export certain layers, groups, and slices, you can quickly find out it is the most frustrating process in the design world. Whether you are a developer clipping images out of a Photoshop…

Feb 18, 2012

QuickWeb Supa V8 VM2 (SSD) Review – Very Fast!

Last week we wrote about the QuickWeb Supa VZ1 VPS, which sported some amazing results for the price. However, like we mentioned before in the review, we wanted to give you the feeling of how fast their SSD VPSes are. I…

Feb 11, 2012

QuickWeb Hosting Review - Fast, Reliable, Affordable

Finding the perfect VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting company can always be tough. We reviewed other companies like the Rackspace Cloud before, but to be quite frank, they are very expensive. For most people, we  really do not want to disk…

Jan 29, 2012

Unity 3 Game Development Hotshot Review

We have reviewed many Unity books before, however, we never reviewed a full-on Unity book geared to Unity-experienced developers. That's exactly why Packt Publishing, with the help of Jate Wittayabundit, released Unity 3 Game Development Hotshot. With just a word of…

Nov 30, 2011

Unity 3.x Game Development by Example Review

Want to get yourself delved right into the 3D gaming world but never had the knowledge to do so? With Packt Publishing's recent release, Unity 3.x Game Development by Example Beginner's Guide by Ryan Creighton, it is a great read…

Oct 18, 2011

Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Review - Virtualization Just Got Even Better!

Virtualization has been around for quite some time now, but it was slow to get in the consumer market. Sure, we have some "advanced" solutions like VMware ESXi that are mainly for businesses, but consumer virtualization took off much slower compared…

Sep 28, 2011

Focus by Coppertino Review - Make Your Photos Come Alive

Coppertino is at it again! First we reviewed their wonderful wallpaper changing utility, Wallpaper Wizard, and we're back with an entirely new application! Focus, one of the brand new applications from Coppertino. Focus is a photo-oriented application that's made to do…

Sep 15, 2011

jQuery 1.4 Animation Techniques: Beginners Guide Review

If you haven't figured it out already, I'm one of the biggest jQuery fans out there. When Packt Publishing gave me the opportunity to review three of their jQuery books, I was more than happy to give a full read of…

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