Apr 01, 2011

Apple Drops iPod Prices in Australia

It's no case that Apple usually charges more for their products outside the United States. It makes sense, but with currency being something changing all of the time, we sometimes find Apple products in other countries than the US being reduced.…

Mar 31, 2011

Google is Locking Down Android Customization

When Android was released back in 2008, many mobile phone creators wanted to get their hands on this brand new open source software. With the upcoming increase of Android devices being sold, Android won't be going away anytime soon. The biggest…

Mar 30, 2011

HP's webOS 3.0 SDK Now Available

Ever since the day webOS was introduced in 2009, many have fancied the webOS operating system because quite simply, it's revolutionary. People say webOS is better than iOS; I'm personally one who seconds that statement. With webOS's amazing multitasking features, I've…

Mar 28, 2011

Sprint Complains With AT&T's Proposed T-Mobile Acquisition

Not too much to say here; we knew this was going to happen some way or another! With AT&T's recently proposed acquisition of T-Mobile, Sprint has already complained that this acquisition may be harmful in this economy. Sprint is…

Mar 27, 2011

Try Apps In Amazon's App Store - Virtualized Android

With the recent release of the Amazon App Store, Amazon has brought one new feature that no App Store has even tried to implement yet... a live preview of an app before you buy! The thing with buying all of these…

Feb 21, 2011

MacBook Pro Refresh leaks onto

Personally, I am tired of hearing about Apple rumours lately, but they just keep on coming. Best Buy listed new SKU numbers for Macbook Pros past weekend. For those of you who have never come across the term, SKU numbers before,…

Jan 30, 2011

Steve Wozniak Confirms White iPhone is Coming

Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple confirmed yesterday on the Engadget Live Show that the white iPhone 4 has been delayed because of issues with the camera. Supposedly, with white parts, the photos taken with the 5 mega-pixel camera looks like it's…

Jan 17, 2011

Steve Jobs Taking a Medical Leave of Absence - Tim Cook Taking Over

Just not too long ago Apple has reported the head of Apple, Steve Jobs, is taking a leave of absence... again. Around two years ago, back in 2009, Steve Jobs took a leave of absence for his "more complex" medical issues.…

Jan 05, 2011

The Mac App Store is Coming Soon!

The highly spoken about, Mac App Store, will be publicly released to that shiny new MacBook Air and other Macs very soon! We haven't spoken on our thoughts of the Mac App Store, so how about we take care of that…

Dec 19, 2010

Chrome for a Cause

As we're approaching the holidays buying gifts for our friends and family, it always seems to be that other companies like to gift their holiday greetings to charities. Google has stepped in and formed Chrome for a Cause. This Google Chrome…

Dec 14, 2010

SimpleCDN in a Battle -- MaxCDN Offering Help!

Very recently, a company called SimpleCDN, who offers CDN services, has been having serious legal issues. Their provider, UK2 Group/Hosting Services, Inc., contacted them saying that they are not allowed to host any CDN services. Along with that, it has…

Oct 25, 2010

Don't Use Public WiFi - Firesheep Makes Session Hijacking Easier

A recent exploit for Firefox, entitled Firesheep, was released not so long ago and it seems the whole Twitterverse are tweeting about it. I'm not the one to use these exploits because to be perfectly honest, I know they're there. Cookies,…

Oct 12, 2010

AT&T Are Stealing Our Money

Recently, my father, who all of my family phones are registered under, has been having some extreme issues with AT&T which we could report to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for their idiotic actions. My father pays a good…

Sep 30, 2010

Hey MaxCDN, You Made Our Site Even Faster!

Recently we've been making so many changes to Tech Cores where we are upgrading to our own VPS, tweaking our own internal settings for optimal performance, and lots of other things that most users like yourself find rather hard to do.…

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